Real Estate Photography and

Real Estate Marketing

Las Vegas, Nevada

Rick Rowland

Founder/ Principle Photographer

Dana Xiong

3D Specialist/ Graphic Designer

RCRdigital was founded by professional real estate photographer and graphic designer Rick Rowland and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. RCRdigital serves the entire Las Vegas Valley area. Rick and his partner, Dana, provides real estate photography, 3D virtual tours, and marketing services for real estate listings. Other services include: real estate flyer and brochure design and printing services, single property websites, twilight photos and virtual tours.

About Rick

Rick is a seasoned pro and has 10+ years of graphic design experience and over 6 years of experience photographing real estate. He began his real estate marketing career as a graphic designer, and later promoted to Marketing Director, for one of the nation’s top real estate agents in Silicon Valley. There he learned the ins and outs of creating beautiful real estate photos, designing flyers and brochures, marketing a real estate listing, and marketing a real estate agent. Rick is adept with all aspects of marketing real estate from writing compelling property descriptions to target marketing through direct mailings.

Rick holds 2 college degrees- an AAS in graphic design and a BS in Business Administration. He enjoys the outdoors, traveling and spending time with his family.

About Dana

Dana Xiong is RCRdigital’s 3D virtual tour specialist. She has scanned many homes from 1,500 sqft bungalows to 6,000+ sqft estates. Dana understands how the Matterport system works and how to properly scan a home onsite that makes the experience of viewing the finished 3D virtual tour a pleasant and pleasing one. She knows how to scan a 3D tour to make it easy to navigate throughout the structure and can be used in a virtual reality application.

A graphic designer by trade, Dana holds a BA in fine arts and assists RCRdigital with graphic design tasks such as website, brochure, and logo design. She is also an accomplished painter and photographer. In her free time Dana enjoys church, traveling, Chinese culture, and spending time with her family.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas, Nevada