About RCRdigital

RCRdigital is a professional real estate photography firm serving the Las Vegas, Nevada market, including surrounding areas. All photography is produced by principal photographer, Rick Rowland. All images are produced in-house using industry standard processing methods on the latest software. RCRdigital is committed to delivering the highest quality real estate listing photos within 12 hours of the scheduled shoot*. All services offered by RCRdigital are guaranteed for quality and accuracy. RCRdigital strives to give their clients the best service and best quality in Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas.

Meet The Team

Dana Xiong | Owner and Administrator

Real estate photographer in Las Vegas.

An entrepreneur at heart, Dana took the reigns of RCRdigital in 2020. She handles all the behind the scenes duties such as bookkeeping, accounting, and finances. Dana has a fine art degree and worked as a digital graphic designer at a television station in a major market in China for over 10 years. She married Rick Rowland and immigrated to the US in 2014. She became a naturalized citizen in 2019. When she’s not working tirelessly for RCRdigital she loves the outdoors, spending time with her family, plays piano and is active in her church.

Rick Rowland | Principal Real Estate Photographer

Real estate photographer in Las Vegas.

Rick is a seasoned pro with 7 years of experience photographing real estate. He began his real estate marketing career as a graphic designer and photographer for Stanley Lo. The number one real estate agent in Silicon Valley. He was promoted to Marketing Director within 1 year and oversaw a team of four. Working in that office, he learned the ins and outs of real estate marketing such as,creating beautiful real estate photos, data processing, direct marketing, and brochure design. He understands what it takes to market a real estate listing and marketing a real estate agent. In his free time Rick enjoys spending time with his family, disc golf, the outdoors, and traveling.

Some of our favorite real estate photos from 2019.