Real estate photographer serving Henderson, Nevada.

Anthem Country Club Headturner | Henderson, Nevada

Real estate photography in Las Vegas can be an adventure. This home that’s listed for 1m+ was setup to be photographed next week. I had the schedule set so I could spend all day on shooting and processing the photos for this beautiful home.

Thursday morning I received a call from the agent’s assistant in a bit of a panic. They had already received an offer and needed the photos fast. I turned on a dime and scheduled the home for Friday. I didn’t have the time I wanted to spend in the home, but in the real estate business we rarely get what we want.

I had to improvise and photograph this home quickly. Situated in the Anthem Country Club community this home is a robust beauty with shades of an Italian Villa throughout. The detailing on this home was easy to find and photograph. I do wish I have the chance to revisit this home someday and make some proper real estate listing photos for it. I’ve worked long enough in this business to know that that wish may come true.

The real estate agent was very pleased with my flexibility and the quality of photos I was able to produce in such a short time frame. My hats off to her on going into contract in such a short period of time.

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