Hotel Photography

Commercial Hotel Photography in Las Vegas, Nevada

Experience and Know-How

Commercial hotel photography is a specialty for Rick Rowland of RCRdigital. Rick was hired by an international marketing company to photograph several suites in Caesars Palace recently. These photos will be used online to reach a worldwide clientele that is interested in booking a room at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Rick worked closely with a senior marketing executive from Caesars Entertainment and the CEO of Travel-Dis, a start-up marketing company catering to people with disabilities.  Rick’s professionalism, experience, and photo quality won him this on-going contract position. Rick has cemented his place as a leader in the Las Vegas community of photographers.

Caesars Palace—A Las Vegas Strip Stalwart

When people think of Las Vegas they think of mega resorts such as Caesars Palace. This resort is a cornerstone in Las Vegas and is the main attraction to many of the million visitors to Las Vegas every year. The resort offers a host of self-sustaining amenities such as- World class pool and spa, expansive food court alongside several fine-dining restaurants, shopping mall and full-sized theater, The Coliseum, which has been home of Celine Dion’s residency. Caesars Palace is also home to the #1 rated Las Vegas buffet, Bacchanal. That’s a Herculean feat in a crowded Las Vegas buffet market!

Full Service Commercial and Real Estate Photography Provider

RCRdigital can provide real estate agents, property managers, and hotel marketers a wide variety of services to assist in getting their message heard among the general public. From clean crisp HDR quality photos to SEO friendly write-ups that attract search engines, RCRdigital the go-to source for smart real estate agents and savvy marketers when they need expert assistance. Contact RCRdigital today and put a new team member on your team.

Downtown Vegas Hotel Room Photos, Fremont Street, Las Vegas

El Cortez

Creating downtown Vegas hotel room photos is a lot of fun for Rick at RCRdigital. Many of these hotels have stayed true to their vintage heritage through property updates over the years. The same styling you would expect in the post modern are visible alongside modern amenities such as gyms, coffee bars, and flat screen TVs. There is strong following to these older hotels and casinos in downtown Las Vegas. While the attractions on the Las Vegas strip attract millions of visitors a year, there are those that yearn for the classic days of Las Vegas.

Living History

While many of the drive-up hotels of years past have given way to the super resorts, the El Cortez has stood strong. The El Cortez has stayed true to its roots throughout its long history. Built in 1941 on the fabled Fremont Street in Las Vegas, it was Vegas’ biggest resort at the time. The entire resort was built for $245,000. The hotel was designed by Marion Hicks, an architect from Los Angeles, and was styled in a distinct Spanish motif. The property has gone through several renovations, additions and updates through its life, but has never swayed from the original roots of being a pioneer in classic Las Vegas.

Commercial Hotel Photography

RCRdigital is a full service residential and commercial photography firm that assists real estate agents, property managers, and marketers with marketing their real estate listings and property offerings. Lead photographer, Rick Rowland, has 7 years of experience as a professional real estate photographer exclusively. RCRdigital offers a wide variety of services that serve both residential real estate and commercial real estate. Services include: 3D Matterport virtual tours, aerial photography, property websites, and graphic design services. Contact RCRdigital today for a free consultation.

Professional Hotel Room Photos in Las Vegas, Nevada

Paris Las Vegas

Hotel companies need professional hotel room photos. Rick answered the call when a marketer working with Caesars Entertainment called. Here are some photos that he took of various room in Paris Las Vegas. This marketing was very specific and needed photos for a niche audience, people with disabilities.  Rick jumped at the chance to help out with this project. He learned that in the travel industry, even though the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed decades ago, disabled patrons are often overlooked when it comes to marketing. There are many types of disabilities and these disabilities need specific accessibility features to accommodate different disabled persons.

Need for Detailed Information on ADA Rooms

Many who work in the hotel industry are not disabled. The person who answers the phone at the reservation desk may not understand the subtle differences between different ADA rooms. A roll shower with a lip at the entrance may hinder some in a wheel chair, but not others. If the details of the room are not available when the room is booked the person staying in the room might not be able to access the shower during the stay, even though the room meets ADA codes. It is beneficial for these people to have detailed information about the rooms prior to booking.

There’s a Growing Market for the Disabled

The marketing company that Rick worked with to capture these photos of Paris Las Vegas is trying to fill the void between conventional marketing and marketing to disabled persons. Their goal is become the Trip Advisor for the disabled community. They will eventually collect data on every ADA hotel room in the USA and beyond to create an online hub where people with disabilities can refer to when booking a hotel room. They will see data alongside Rick’s beautiful photos to ensure they make the right choice when booking a room. RCRdigital and Rick are very excited to be part of this very important project.