1. Best Matterport tour pricing in Las Vegas
  2. Share costs for additional savings
  3. Free account management
  4. You control the hosting of your virtual tours
  5. All virtual tours are created with a Matterport Pro2 camera

Terms and restrictions apply. See below or call for details.

How Does it Work

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    Las Vegas and Matterport Tours

    Las Vegas Matterport services have never been better now that you have RCRdigital as your provider. We put you in control of your Matterport tours. You or your team pay for the hosting. This means you have total control over the tour and have “ownership” of the tours. You’ll be able to host your Matterport 3D tour as long or as little as you like paying only wholesale cost.

    Why is hosting my Matterport tours beneficial?

    Matterport tour providers have to pay hundreds of dollars to host all the tours for their clients. These costs are then passed onto their clients. In a sense, you are paying for the hosting of other people’s tours.

    A Pro & Business account is required and starts at $70/month. We use the superior Matterport Pro2 cameras and that’s the lowest account level Matterport accepts the Pro2 camera at. A Pro & Business plan will allow you to host up to 25 active Matterport 3D tours. You can share this cost with other agents or ask your broker to take on this cost.

    Let’s Do the Math

    RCRdigital will charge $50 to create a Matterport 3D tour for any house under 3,500 sqft.

    Let’s figure the cost for a 2,500 sqft home.

    Matterport 3D tour created by RCRdigital- $50

    Matterport Pro & Business plan- $70/month

    A Mid-Sized home photography package- $120

    Total for photos and Matterport 3D tour- $240


    You’ll receive professional photos and a Matterport 3D tour for around the cost you would pay for photos only with most other real estate photography services. If you receive some help with the Matterport subscription your savings are phenomenal!

    Matterport Tours in Las Vegas

    With the market beginning to tighten up in the real estate market in Las Vegas, you need to be at the top of your game to land listings. Listings are becoming less and less and the competition for those listings are heating up. Home sellers are demanding that agents make their homes stand out to get top dollar for their homes. Will a home owner choose an agent that takes their own photos or one that has professional photos? Or will the y choose an agent that will use a 3D Matterport tour plus professional photos for their listing presentation? The answer is simple and with RCRdigital you don’t have to pay a premium for premium services.

    Matterport 3D virtual tours.