3D Virtual Tours in Las Vegas

starting at $50*

  • Created with a Matterport Pro2 Camera
  • Seasoned Pro with 4+ Years Experience using Matterport
  • For ALL Homes Under 3,500 sqft
  • Self Hosted- You’re in Control of Hosting
  • FREE Account Management
  • Share Costs for Additional Savings

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    *Terms and conditions apply. Please see below or contact us for details.

    Real Estate- Post Covid-19

    Wow! We just saw our world change in the blink of an eye. Literally! Covid-19 has changed the way real estate listings are viewed and shown. This means we must adapt to keep moving forward. Rick at RCRdigital is doing this and so must you, as well. Matterport 3D tours were once a luxury only a few real estate agents were willing to spend the money for. That’s changed and now 3D virtual tours are a must have. Agent’s will have to keep their seller’s at ease by ensuring that virtual showings will limit the number of in-house showings. Rick has developed a unique way to lower the costs of Matterport tours so any agent will be able to afford having one on all of their listings moving forward. This is an opportunity to put a seasoned pro on your team while at the same time ensuring your sellers’ that you have their best interests in mind. Please scroll down for more info on this offer.

    3D virtual tours in Las Vegas.

    How Does it Work?

    Matterport tours are expensive when you order them from retail providers. You’ve looked at pricing for 3D services and probably wonder how you are going to afford that on EVERY listing. You have a budget and Matterport just wasn’t in it for this year. Things have changed and Rick understands that. Over the course of his career as a real estate photographer and marketer he’s worked close with individual real estate offices and teams. He knows how to manage an entire brokerage’s digital assets and has come up with a solution to put a Matterport tour on every real estate listing in Las Vegas moving forward.

    How can he do this?

    Simple. You and Rick share the costs. You provide hosting, which is through Matterport, and costs $70 a month for up to 25 hosted tours (subject to change at Matterport’s discretion). You make Rick a collaborator to your account and he uses his Pro2 camera to scan your listing. After payment is received he uploads the unprocessed tour to your account, sets the tour up and sends the links to you. You only have to copy and paste the links to your MLS listing, website, and social media.

    Is there a catch?

    Yes, there’s a catch, but we think you’ll be ok with it. A regular real estate photography package MUST be purchased for every Matterport tour created. Check out RCRdigital’s pricing and you’ll see how reasonable the cost is. A 2,000 sqft home would cost $170 for photos AND 3D tour. Plus, the $70 monthly Matterport fee. You’re roughly paying $240 for photos, 3D tour, and hosting for the 1st month. That’s still less than what most providers charge for a standalone 3D tour.

    Can I save additional money?

    Of course, you can! You don’t have to have absorb the cost of the Matterport account all by yourself. You can ask your broker to pay for it. If you’re part of a team, you could share the costs amongst the team members. A team of 3 agents would only pay approximately $23 per month. Or, maybe you could partner with another agent and split the cost. You don’t even have to work through the same brokerage. It doesn’t matter!  That 2,000 sqft house now would cost you approximately $170-$205 for photos and 3D tour!

    Free Account Management

    RCRdigital can manage your tours for you. Rick can edit tours, handle technical support issues, and order floor plans for you. All digital assets will be forwarded to Rick via email from Matterport. He can then send the links onto you or your agents. If a floor plan is ordered, Rick will get notification when the floor plan is ready. He can then download the floor plan, replace the Matterport logo with yours, and format the plan to post on MLS and social media. If you grant Rick the role of Administrator (only the first level), he will be able to delete and archive tours as well. If you are approaching your 25 tour limit Rick can delete tours from homes that have been recorded. Or he can archive them. Archiving tours would turn them off, built keep them hosted on Matterport to be activated in the future. You can archive as many tours as you want, built only have 25 activated. He can work with your office staff to verify which tours have recorded. This can save you surprise fees from Matterport for going over your hosting limit. Rick can do all this for you and your team for FREE! For more info on Matterport account collaborators please click here.

    For an additional charge he can set up highlight reels and place Mattertags in the tour or order a 3D floor plan from an outside vendor. He can also create a video walkthrough with your contact info in it. This will be posted to YouTube and you can post it anywhere. Here’s an example—Ultimate 3D Experience

    Your new team member

    As you can see, you’re not hiring just another photographer or photography service that’s going to come out, shoot and scan your listing, charge you an arm and leg and move on. Rick will become a valued team member on your team. He’ll be there after the shoot when you need him to pick up the phone and answer a question. Maybe the tour isn’t working right. Rick will take care of it for you. He has a good relationship with Matterport and knows how communicate with them. Put Rick on your team today!

    Why Use RCRdigital?

    Hello, my name is Rick, and I’d like to work with you and your team in creating a 3D Matterport tour and professional photos for all of your listings. I’ve been working as a real estate photographer for over 8 years. I have developed a system to produce not only beautiful listing photos, but 3D virtual tours as well at some incredibly reasonable prices. I can even offer same day delivery¹!

    Matterport 3D tours have recently become a necessity for real estate listings in the past year. Fortunately, you’ve found someone who understands that you need this service, but also have a budget. I’ve found a way to help you absorb the costs and even put you in control of your virtual tours. Together, we can work our way through these times and elevate your listings on the way. Don’t hesitate and contact me today. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work selling your homes!


    Thank you and have a great day!

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      The fine print

      **Payment for photography and Matterport tour must be received before scan is uploaded to your account. Prices subject to change without notice. Matterport account will only be serviced 3 months after last tour was created.