Professional Hotel Room Photos in Las Vegas, Nevada

Paris Las Vegas

Hotel companies need professional hotel room photos. Rick answered the call when a marketer working with Caesars Entertainment called. Here are some photos that he took of various room in Paris Las Vegas. This marketing was very specific and needed photos for a niche audience, people with disabilities.  Rick jumped at the chance to help out with this project. He learned that in the travel industry, even though the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed decades ago, disabled patrons are often overlooked when it comes to marketing. There are many types of disabilities and these disabilities need specific accessibility features to accommodate different disabled persons.

Need for Detailed Information on ADA Rooms

Many who work in the hotel industry are not disabled. The person who answers the phone at the reservation desk may not understand the subtle differences between different ADA rooms. A roll shower with a lip at the entrance may hinder some in a wheel chair, but not others. If the details of the room are not available when the room is booked the person staying in the room might not be able to access the shower during the stay, even though the room meets ADA codes. It is beneficial for these people to have detailed information about the rooms prior to booking.

There’s a Growing Market for the Disabled

The marketing company that Rick worked with to capture these photos of Paris Las Vegas is trying to fill the void between conventional marketing and marketing to disabled persons. Their goal is become the Trip Advisor for the disabled community. They will eventually collect data on every ADA hotel room in the USA and beyond to create an online hub where people with disabilities can refer to when booking a hotel room. They will see data alongside Rick’s beautiful photos to ensure they make the right choice when booking a room. RCRdigital and Rick are very excited to be part of this very important project.