Real Estate Photographer in Las Vegas

Real Estate Photographer in Las Vegas Providing Premium Real Estate Services

I am a real estate photographer and I would like to give a big hello to Las Vegas, Nevada as I plan on entering the Las Vegas market in January 2018. My name is Rick Rowland and I’m very excited to be bringing my 6 plus years of real estate photography and marketing skills to the Las Vegas Valley area. This is a market that is on a strong upward trend and will become very competitive in the years to come. That is where my invaluable skills and presentation packages come into play that make my clients’ real estate listings stand out. Las Vegas offers a wide variety of market niches that I am adept to catering to. Whether it is a multi-million dollar estate in the Summerlin neighborhood, a mid-range single family residence in Henderson, Nevada, or an upscale condo just off of the Strip, I got you covered! My services and expertise will attract buyers and put put you at the top of the list of potential sellers. If you’re a real estate agent in the Las Vegas, Nevada market please keep reading and so I can let you know what I can do for you.
Having clean, crisp eye-popping real estate photography is a must for every real estate listing in this digital age. You see it everyday; the mountain of information that inundates us every day via the internet. When trying to buy a home this information comes at potential buyers tenfold. This is why you have to get their attention and retain it! Professional real estate photos will do this. Having pleasing photos showcasing your listing on Zillow, MLS, Trulia or the many other listing websites will pique a buyer’s interest. What would you rather look at- dull dingy photos taken with an iPhone or bright and clean photos taken by me, a professional real estate photographer? When a buyer sees the more pleasing photos from the thumbnails of the listing they are more apt to open up the real estate listing and take a closer look. I know when I am browsing the internet I look at anything with pleasing photos first and I stay on those ads/websites a lot longer. No matter what I am looking for- a used car, camera repair shop, or a new place to get lunch, I will always spend more time on the websites/ads that have good photos. I bet you do too! When you hire me to photograph your listings you will always get the high quality HDR photos that are bright, clean and sharp. I am a master at post processing my photos and process every single photo myself. This gives you a guaranteed 12 hour* delivery time of your photos. Visit my website for samples of my photos and check out my reasonable rates.
Now that you have the professional photos, is that all you need? If you want to stand out in an already crowded market you have to present your listing in the best possible way. Professional real estate photos are just the first step. If you really want to show your clients and potential clients that you are serious about selling their homes consider a 3D virtual tour powered by Matterport. 3D virtual tours are here and they are the future of real estate marketing. I useMatterport’s latest camera, the Pro2 model, to give my 3D virtual tours HDR quality. A 3D virtual tour can give your buyers a unique and immersive experience. 3D virtual tours can cast a global net to seek out potential buyers. Las Vegas is an international city and appealing to an international audience will give you the advantage when selling your services to potential clients. I can provide many enhancements to these tours to insert your branding and let you present these tours the way you want them to be presented. See my 3D virtual tour page for samples of my work and view my pricing for my more than reasonable rates on this cutting edge technology.
My extensive background in real estate marketing can give you the complete package when presenting your real estate listings. I offer custom designed real estate flyers and brochures to hand out on those crucial open house days. Having quality flyers or brochures will put you heads and shoulders above the competition when potential sellers are making their choice as to whom will represent their home. I can also provide you with fully responsive and beautiful single property websites. These real estate listing websites can be your point of reference on the internet. Referring your buyers to an exclusive website that only shows one listing will not only retain their attention, but will present them with the information you want them to see. A single property website link is far better than sending an MLS link to potential buyers. They will see your listing and only your listing. Starting at $75 it won’t be hard to pass on this sales inducing product! See my single property website page for samples of the real estate listing websites I offer.
In addition to the services I mentioned above I also offer twilight photos, 360 degree panoramas, floor plans, and much more to take your real estate listings to the next level. I have over 10 years experience in marketing and 6 years of experience working in the extremely competitive real estate market in Silicon Valley. I bring to you a wide range of skills, expertise, and professionalism. Contact me today and let’s make your listings soar!

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