Las Vegas Real Estate Photography
Las Vegas Real Estate Photography


How does your process work and when will I get my photos?

Within 12 hours of the shoot (many cases much sooner) you will be emailed a proof sheet of all the finished photos. You will also receive an invoice via PayPal for all services ordered. Our policy is that you are satisfied with your photos before you pay (we’re 99.9% confident you will be). If you approve of the photos then pay the PayPal invoice. Once we have been notified by PayPal invoice has been paid you will receive another email with the links to download the photos via Google Drive.

How and when do I make payment?

You can make payment onsite with credit card or check. Our preferred method is the one above, but you can pay in advance.

Are the photos and other services guaranteed?

Absolutely yes! We want you to be 110% satisfied with all services. The photos are proofed to you prior to you making payment. Other services are such as flyers and websites are also proofed to you and you can suggest changes if you like.

What is the best way to book a shoot?

Our preferred method is to use the reservations page on our website. If you’re out and about and can’t get to the website an email is our second preferred method. Text messages also work. Direct phone calls can be difficult because we’re out and about too. We don’t want to miss any details!

How much notice do you need before an appointment?

Gotta have it shot today? Call us! If we can get you in, we’ll do it. If not, we’ll give you our absolute 1st available time.

Do you work weekends?

Of course, we do! You work 7 days a week and so should your photographer!

Can I change my order onsite?

Yes! Many times, when we arrive onsite we be able to better access your needs. That huge lot with the pool in the backyard would look great from the sky! Possibly some aerial photos? Maybe this would be an awesome house for twilights? Or, maybe you ordered a bit too many photos. Let’s scale back a bit cut out the redundancy and pad your budget! No matter what we want you present your listing the best way possible.

How long are my 3D Matterport tours active?

6 months from the time of the initial 3D scan. We’ll check and see if the house has been sold before we remove them. If not, we’ll contact you and see if you want another 6 months.

What do you need from me for the order?

It helps us and you out to have the full address, square footage of house, and preferred date of shoot. Your contact info including email and cell phone number. Also, any access info such as gate codes, lockbox code, etc. If you want a 3D virtual tour or twilights it would be helpful to know that upfront so we can factor in the time we need onsite. Please let us know prior to shoot if there are any offsite photos to be taken such as clubhouse, community pools, and parks.

What is your reschedule/cancellation/no-show policy?

You show up at the house the day of the shoot and the painters aren’t finished! Oh no! Don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ve been there and know how this business works. We have a very generous 2 hour rule for reschedules. If reschedule is made after we show up then there will be a $25 fee added onto your invoice. When no one is at the property within 15 minutes of our scheduled time then a $50 fee will be added to your next invoice. We know things happen in this business and we understand. If anything happens on the day of the shoot that shouldn’t happen, call us. We’re in this together!

Do you have a home preparation guide?

You betcha! You can download the PDF or view it on our website here- Home Prep Guide