Real Estate Photography Preparation

One of the hardest parts of selling a home is getting it ready for professional photos. We understand this and hope this check list will help you. Professional photos and staging helps provide top dollar and a quicker sale.

Please schedule all showings and vendors such as landscapers, contractors, and/or home inspectors at a different time than the photo shoot. This will ensure that the photographer has time and can shoot every possible angle.

Exteriors- Curb Appeal

Remove cars from driveway and front of home
Close garage doors
Remove garden hoses
Clean up landscaping (mow, trim and sweep)
Remove all debris and clutter such as, toys, pet belongings, pet waste, garden trimmings
Remove flags (These will look blurry in HDR photography)
Clean and tidy up outdoor living areas/furniture
Clean pool – remove leaves, toys and vacuum hose
Turn on waterfalls and fountains

Interiors-Tips for all areas in the home


Thoroughly clean the whole property
Remove seasonal décor such as holiday decorations
Remove personal photos
Turn off all ceiling fans
Remove religious symbols


Contain all pets and keep them out of view during photoshoot
Remove all pet bowls, litter boxes, beds, and toys (You don’t want any signs of pets in the home.)


Turn on ALL lights. We recommend you replace all light bulbs with LED or “white” light bulbs.
Turn off all TV’s and computer screens


Make sure windows are clean
Open all blinds/curtains with views. If view is undesirable i.e., neighbor’s home, open blinds just to enough to allow max light without showing view

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Remove all shoes, jackets and floor mats

Real Estate Photographer in Las Vegas

Living Room

Declutter- Less is more! Removing secondary furniture will open up the room in the photos. Make a visual line of site to features, such as fireplace and patio doors.
Remove most if not all items from surfaces and minimize items on bookcases

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Declutter countertops. Leave only photogenic items such as knife blocks, colorful small appliances and bowls of fruit
Remove dish towels, dish soap, and dish scrubbers, etc.
Remove trash cans
Remove all magnets, photos, etc. from refrigerator

Real Estate Photographer in Las Vegas

Real Estate Photographer in Las Vegas


Make sure bed is made, bedspread is free of wrinkles, and pillows are in their proper places
Tidy room and remove excess clutter such as floor fans, rugs, hampers, etc.
Remove non-essential furniture to open up small rooms
Close all closet doors
Remove all toiletries from vanities and showers
Leave only decorative items on vanities
Open shower curtain if tile and tub is to be seen in photos (Photographer will leave shower curtain as is)
Lower all toilet seats
Clean all mirrors and shower doors

Here is another helpful guide from our friends at Realtor Magazine.