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Virtual Tours Defined

The 3D virtual tour above is an example of what a virtual tour should be. Virtual tour providers have been selling glorified slideshows and calling them virtual tours for a long time. Technology and innovation has finally caught up these providers. Now you can experience what a virtual tour really is; an immersive and interactive experience that your clients and buyers will love. 3D virtual tours powered by Matterport have tons of possibilities for you market your listings. The tours go beyond being just a rich 3D virtual environment when you incorporate enhancements such as 360 panoramas of exteriors, descriptors you can author, embedded media such as detailed photography, URL links that connect users to your branding, and much more. This is an experience that will truly put your brand on the top of list of those seeking an innovative real estate agent.

HDR Quality 3D Virtual Tours

All 3D virtual tours are now done with Matterport's second generation camera that produces a HDR quality 3D experience. See the examples on this page and see 3D interactive and immersive tours at their finest!

3D Virtual Tours

Take your listing to the next level with an immersive 3D virtual tour powered by the powerful Matterport system. The Las Vegas Valley Area real estate market is one of the most competitive markets in the country. Real estate agents need all every marketing tools possible to retain clients and attract buyers. RCRdigital can give your presentation package a whole new dimension, 3D! With 3D virtual tours, viewers can visit your listing from anywhere in the world from virtually any device! All 3D virtual tours are compatible with the most popular virtual reality mobile applications such as Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR. Using these devices, buyers and potential clients be taken from the world of flat 2D listings with just photos, flyers, and descriptions to an all-out 3-dimension virtual experience.

Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Virtual reality is here and it’s catching fire in real estate. Imagine, a buyer in Hong Kong walking through the living room of your client’s home without leaving their home overseas. This technology will let you “virtually” cast your net word-wide. Real estate is no longer a localized market. Buyers from all over the world want to invest in real estate wherever they can live more comfortably or make a profit. 3D virtual tours will open the door to a worldwide audience for them to literally view your listings in an immersive and personal way. Home sellers will be thrilled you applied the latest technology to the sale of their home and buyers will flock to your listings from virtually anywhere. RCRdigital provides 3D Virtual Tours at some of the most reasonable rates in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Floor Plans

Having a floor plan as part of your listing presentation package is an added bonus to illustrate to buyers the potential the home you are selling has. Floor plans are especially useful if your listing has an open floor plan, unique features such as a loft, or has bonus rooms that are a challenge to illustrate just how useful they can be. For a small add-on price of $25 any home that has been scanned with the Matterport camera get a clear and concise floor plan. Click here for an example PDF.

Reasonable Rates

RCRdigital offers some of the best rates for 3D virtual tours in the Las Vegas area. Please see a list of prices below.

Please note: Please schedule all other vendors separately of 3D scan appointment. The space must be clear of any activity in order to work properly. Mirrors, reflective surfaces, and harsh sunlight may affect scanning. All issues will tried to be rectified on site, however there may be instances that scanning will be affected by unseen circumstances. Please allow at least 60 minutes for a scan of under 2.000 sqft, 90 minutes for a scan of 2,001 - 3,000 sqft and 2+ hours for scans of 3,001+ sqft. Please call for a closer time frame of your property. Square footage will be agreed upon prior to scan.

0- 2,000 sqft- with photos- $100/ without photos- $150

2,001 - 3,000 sqft- with photos- $125/ without photos- $190

3,001 - 4,000 sqft- with photos- $150/ without photos- $240

4,001+ sqft- Call for quote

All 3D virtual tours includes a highlight reel!

3D Tour Luxury Enhancement Package- $125 Includes up to 8 descriptor tags, up to 10 detail photos, and 3 360 degree panoramas.

3D Tour Enhancement Package- $50 Includes up to 8 descriptor tags.

Custom Enhancement Packages Available- Call and let us know what you have in mind.

Floor Plans- $50 (Must be accompanied by 3D virtual tour).

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3D virtual tours powered by Matterport