Las Vegas Real Estate Photographer.

Real Estate Photography | Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello, my name is Rick Rowland, and I am a professional real estate photographer in Las Vegas for RCRdigital. I have 7 years of experience producing high quality real estate listing images. I also offer aerial drone photography and commercial real estate photography services. I have worked alongside some of the top real estate agents in the country producing amazing and effective listing presentations.

Mid-Sized Home

  • 1501-2500 sqft
  • Same Day Delivery
  • HDR Magazine Quality
  • Print and MLS Formated
  • No Upfront Charge
Las Vegas Real Estate Photographer.

Your Listing Photos

Let RCRdigital, led by Rick Rowland, put a professional polish on your real estate listings. 93% of all home buyers search listing websites when looking for a new home*. That numbers jumps to 99% when focusing only on millenials*. What do these potential buyers see first among the 100’s of listings online? The photos, of course! Having Rick photograph your property will make your listing standout from the crowd. Utilize Rick’s 7 years of professional photography experience and add value to your sale**. Contact RCRdigital today and let’s sell that home together!

Working with Rick, you’ll see that he –

  1. will produce stunning photos.
  2. is reliable.
  3. is knowledgeable.
  4. is flexible.
  5. will offer same day delivery*.
  6. will offer no upfront fees on most services.
  7. always offer simple and reasonable pricing.

 So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today and get your listing sold!

*Download NAR’s 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report in PDF format.

Sample MLS photos from a Henderson townhouse that was shot in Aug. 2019.

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    Sample MLS photos from a patio home in Henderson that was shot in September 2019.

    10 Reasons to Choose Rick as Your Real Estate Photographer

    Rick understands the hard work and resources that every agent puts into every signed listing contract they acquire. You took a lot of care and expertise to land that listing, why not demand the same of your photographer? Rick’s 7 years of being a  professional real estate photographer will ensure your listing is captured right. With the awesome photos that Rick delivers, your listing will stand out from the crowd across the gamut of the online listing websites such as GLVAR, Zillow, Trulia, etc.. Here are 10 reasons why you should hire Rick as your go to photographer for all your real estate photos.

    1. Experience

    Put Rick’s 7 years experience to work for you. Rick started his real estate career by going to work for the top agent in Silicon Valley. He learned to work under the pressure of demanding affluent clients in a high stakes real estate market. This real estate boot camp gave him a thorough insight on what it takes to land a listing, to present a listing, and to sell a listing. In the 6 years since going out on his own, Rick has taken this valuable insight and applies it to each and every property he shoots.

    2. Knowledge

    Every house, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, et al, are unique in their own ways. You can have 2 homes with identical floor plans sitting side by side on the same street. Both homes will shoot differently. Flooring, the color the walls are painted, window treatments, furnishings, available light sources, and placement of trees outside will all affect the photography. Rick has photographed over 1,000 homes and has worked in every lighting condition imaginable. He has the know-how to photograph your house right, no matter the condition.

    3. Reliability

    It’s picture day and the last thing you, as a real estate agent, needs to worry about is if your real estate photographer is going to be on time or show up at all. Rick schedules his appointments meticulously to avoid any conflicts. He has a 95% on-time record and he works very hard to maintain that stellar record.

    4. Blazing Fast Turnaround

    You’re having the home photographed today AND you’re going live on MLS today? When you hire Rick to photograph your listing that won’t be a problem. Rick will meticulously edit all your photos in his own home studio on the day of the shoot. You will receive proofs of the finished photos within 12 hours of the shoot, guaranteed. That’s faster than flying to Hanoi (where most photographers have their photos processed)! 😉

    5. Trustworthiness

    Rick represents you, the real estate agent that hired him. He understands that this business is about trust. Will he respect your clients’ homes? You bet he will! From removing his shoes after shooting the exteriors and communicating to the homeowner his process and what they can do during the photo shoot to get the best photographs, he’ll put your clients at ease while he’s in their home. No one will be onsite during the photo shoot? No worries, Rick will be just as respectful, if not more, as if you and the homeowners were present. When he’s finished he’ll leave the house as he found it- lights off, blinds closed, and doors locked.


    6. Value

    RCRdigital’s pricing structure is simple and easy to understand. The price levels are very competitive for the Las Vegas market. Rick knows most real agents pay out of pocket for their photography services and tried to make pricing as fair as possible. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands that what a good ROI is. You can expect a higher offer price when you have professional photos. Potential home sellers will also look at past listings of agents they are interested. Do you think having professional photos taken by Rick across all your listings will help you stand out? You bet it will! 

    7. Professionalism

    Rick is a true pro! You’ll be proud of having him on your team when you see him operate in your clients’ home for the first time. He’ll be respectful, listen to your clients’ needs, and offer advice where he sees fit. He will be there, on time and ready to go to work creating the best listing presentation possible. Impress your clients and hire Rick today!

    8. Composition and Artistry

    Not all photographers are artists. Rick is an artist. He holds a degree from the Art Institute of Colorado in Graphic Design. He studied the Gestalt Theory on positive and negative space, giving his composition skills a huge boost. You need a dramatic shot of that open staircase in the entryway? Rick has you covered! He won’t simply point the camera at it and click the shutter button. He’ll compose a compelling shot or several shots and pick only the best in post production. Through Rick’s many years of being a real estate photographer he has learned how to compose strong photos and get the most out of any home. It’s not just as simple as placing the camera in the corner of every room. It takes knowing how to look at a room and understand where the best compositions will come from.

    9. Flexibility

    Real estate can be unpredictable. You have to expect the unexpected and make adjustments when needed. There are so many moving parts that go into getting a home ready for the market. Maybe the house cleaner called in sick or the landscaper overbooked and couldn’t make it. Or simply, the house just isn’t ready on photo day. Rick has a super generous cancellation policy. Just call him and talk to him, together you and him will work it out. Rick is on your team. 

    10. Valued Team Member

    Contact RCRdigital today and put Rick on your team. You’ll not only gain a trusted team member ready to give your real estate images a professional magazine quality, but a valued team member that has a quiver brimming with skills. Interested in 3D Matterport tours? Rick has a Matterport Pro 2 camera and has been a qualified Matterport Service Provider for 3+ years. Want a consultation on how to make your home photo ready? Contact Rick and have him come over for a walk through. He’ll give you some incredibly value insights on how to present your home. Need a new website? Checkout Rick’s sister company, RCR graphic design, and get started today on bringing your website to life. Rick is also an accomplished graphic design and can help you with flyers, marketing pieces, and direct mailings.  

    What are you waiting for? There’s 10 good reasons that RCRdigital and Rick Rowland will take your real estate business to the next level. Order a photo shoot today and let’s sell that house together!

    I still credit your photographs for getting my rental homes sold as quickly as they did and for the prices they got.
    Nick B.
    Real Estate Investor

    Contact me for additional info.