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Anthem Country Club Headturner | Henderson, Nevada

Real estate photography in Las Vegas can be an adventure. This home that’s listed for 1m+ was setup to be photographed next week. I had the schedule set so I could spend all day on shooting and processing the photos for this beautiful home.

Thursday morning I received a call from the agent’s assistant in a bit of a panic. They had already received an offer and needed the photos fast. I turned on a dime and scheduled the home for Friday. I didn’t have the time I wanted to spend in the home, but in the real estate business we rarely get what we want.

I had to improvise and photograph this home quickly. Situated in the Anthem Country Club community this home is a robust beauty with shades of an Italian Villa throughout. The detailing on this home was easy to find and photograph. I do wish I have the chance to revisit this home someday and make some proper real estate listing photos for it. I’ve worked long enough in this business to know that that wish may come true.

The real estate agent was very pleased with my flexibility and the quality of photos I was able to produce in such a short time frame. My hats off to her on going into contract in such a short period of time.

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Real estate photographer in Las Vegas.

Desert Shores Stunner | Real Estate Photos, Las Vegas

I shot this classic home this morning. Even though this is a north facing home, the late winter morning light was perfect on this home. The sprawling backyard with pool soaked in my wide angle lens.

Inside the foyer photographed showing the grand staircase and solid wood railing lining the upper loft. The over sized master bedroom with sitting room shot very well. The photo of the secondary bedroom is one of my new favorite shots of 2020.

The kitchen and family room on the lower level were a joy to shoot. These rooms had south facing windows and were lit up well today. As always I have to give kudos to a diligent homeowner. A fun day to be a Las Vegas real estate photographer.

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Las Vegas Real Estate Photographer.

Full Service Real Estate Photography | Las Vegas, NV

I shot this golf course home in Summerlin at the end of a pretty busy week. This agent realy wanted to showcase the home and it’s country club surroundings. She ordered daytime photos, drone photos, and twilights. The homeowner did a stand-up job getting the home in tip top shape.

Everything came together wonderfully for a great presentation. If I were a betting man I would bet this home sells quicker and comparable to similar homes in this beatiful

Los Prados real estate photos.

Los Prados Golf Country Club | Las Vegas, NV

January is always a tough month to shoot in. The lighting conditions are not always optimal this time of the year. This home in the golfing community at the Los Prados Country Club had it’s challenges.

The home sat at the end of a sleepy cul-de-sac beneath a mature willow tree. The lighting in the home was dim and warm. The lighting was great for a quiet Sunday afternoon, but not so much for real estate photos. I tried the best I could to making the home pop while not losing that curled up with a good book charm.

Commercial Hotel Photography in Las Vegas, Nevada

Experience and Know-How

Commercial hotel photography is a specialty for Rick Rowland of RCRdigital. Rick was hired by an international marketing company to photograph several suites in Caesars Palace recently. These photos will be used online to reach a worldwide clientele that is interested in booking a room at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Rick worked closely with a senior marketing executive from Caesars Entertainment and the CEO of Travel-Dis, a start-up marketing company catering to people with disabilities.  Rick’s professionalism, experience, and photo quality won him this on-going contract position. Rick has cemented his place as a leader in the Las Vegas community of photographers.

Caesars Palace—A Las Vegas Strip Stalwart

When people think of Las Vegas they think of mega resorts such as Caesars Palace. This resort is a cornerstone in Las Vegas and is the main attraction to many of the million visitors to Las Vegas every year. The resort offers a host of self-sustaining amenities such as- World class pool and spa, expansive food court alongside several fine-dining restaurants, shopping mall and full-sized theater, The Coliseum, which has been home of Celine Dion’s residency. Caesars Palace is also home to the #1 rated Las Vegas buffet, Bacchanal. That’s a Herculean feat in a crowded Las Vegas buffet market!

Full Service Commercial and Real Estate Photography Provider

RCRdigital can provide real estate agents, property managers, and hotel marketers a wide variety of services to assist in getting their message heard among the general public. From clean crisp HDR quality photos to SEO friendly write-ups that attract search engines, RCRdigital the go-to source for smart real estate agents and savvy marketers when they need expert assistance. Contact RCRdigital today and put a new team member on your team.