Las Vegas Real Estate Photography- Golfing Community Home


When it comes to Las Vegas real estate photography we relish the opportunities that come our way every day. Homes like the one featured in this post really make us excited to be part of the real estate photography community of Las Vegas. Rick photographed this earlier in the week and said it was a real joy capturing such a beautiful home.

Sunny Patio Home

Being an experienced real estate photographer, Rick made this home shine with the listing photos he produced. The interiors of this home, in a tucked away golfing community in Northwest Las Vegas, photographed really well. Rick said “These are the homes that get me out of bed every day!” The home was pristine and was easily enhanced by Rick’s professional, but mobile real estate photography set-up.

Formal Living and Dining Room

The light-yellow walls and light-colored tiled floors helped give the open floorplan an airy and cheery feel when walking into the home. The large formal living room is a great gathering spot for all get-togethers. Rick’s photos captured the upbeat and welcoming feel of this room. The formal dining room is spacious enough to host an eight-person dining room table and bureaus. Guests will enjoy the garden views from the oversized window. The Romanesque columns throughout the living area, painted white, add drama that make a bold statement.

Family Room and Kitchen

The large family room is centered around a beautiful stone brick wall with fireplace. The family room has access to the patio and pool area outside through sliding glass doors. The gourmet kitchen is a chef’s delight. The center island can be used as a breakfast bar and has a built-in gas oven and range. The kitchen cabinetry is made of cherrywood and Rick’s real estate photos really capture their rich color. Attached to the kitchen is a sunny breakfast nook encompassed by windows overlooking the sparkling pool in the backyard.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

The Master Bedroom has patio access and a double-sided fireplace. Rick was able to capture the classic allure of this suite within his real estate listing photos. The Master Bathroom was as equally classic as the Master Bedroom. The Master Bath featured an L shaped vanity with his and her sinks. The cabinetry was of that rich cherrywood that was found in the kitchen. There is a large walk-in shower overlaid in beautiful tiling. The head of the oversized tub features a stone brick wall with the fireplace. Check out Rick’s photos of this Master bath.

Exterior Landscape, Patios, and Pool

The large lot of this exquisite home features professional landscaping and abundant grassy areas. There are several mature palm trees and shrubbery throughout the front and back yards. The backyard features large covered patios, built-in BBQ, and sparkling pool. Rick’s exterior photos will make you want to jump right into the pool.

Las Vegas Real Estate Photography

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Hiring A Professional Photographer To Take Real Estate Listing Photos

Real Estate Listing Goal #1: Maximize Profit

When it comes to real estate investing – fix and flip or fix and rent – the goal is always the same: generate the highest return on your investment.

In previous blog posts, we’ve gotten fix and flip experts’ secrets to success, and covered some of the tried and true methods for squeezing every last drop of profitability from a deal like staging your propertybuilding a team, and repairing instead of replacing.

Next up is one of the easiest, and typically least expensive tools a real estate agent or investor should have in their arsenal: professional listing photos taken by a professional real estate photographer.

So, should you hire a professional real estate photographer to take your real estate listing photos? Check out the infographic below!

Should You Hire A Professional To Take Your Listing Photos? created by Asset Based Lending

Let’s look at the highlights:

  • 98% of homebuyers said photos were the most useful tool when looking for properties.
  • On average, homes with professional, high quality HDR listing photos sell for $3,400 more.
  • Homes priced between $400,000 – $499,000 saw an increase of over $11,000.
  • Homes priced between $400,000 – $499,000 listed with professional photos saw the biggest decrease in Days On Market (22 days!). However, all homes with professional real estate listing photos sold quicker, regardless of price.

A Professional Photographer Can Increase Your Business

Having professional real estate photos in your listing will help increase your visibility and cast a wider net. A polished MLS listing with professional photos will gain more attention from buyers and prospective sellers. Buyers will be attracted to the crisp clear photos and spend more time on your listing. This will take time away from time spent on competing listings. Potential home sellers will be impressed with your professional and well-presented marketing package. Home sellers will have more confidence in you, as a real estate agent, when they see the professional look you put on your real estate listings. This all starts with professional real estate photos. Check out our real estate photography page and see why we’re the premier real estate photography firm of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Virtual Staging: An Innovative Way to Impress Buyers and Add Value

As more home-sellers turn to virtual staging, we have to ask: Is it really worth it, and does it compare to traditional staging?

According to the National Association of Realtors®, 77 percent of buyers’ agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves living in a home. As many as 38 percent of sellers’ agents say that they stage all their clients’ homes before listing. Since the benefits of staging have a direct impact on listing performance, virtual staging was developed to give the same benefits that are looking for an alternative to traditional staging.

To determine whether virtual staging is a viable alternative for you, you have to know what it is and how it compares to traditional home staging.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging, like traditional staging, is decorating a property to showcase its best features and qualities in an effort to make it more attractive to buyers.

“I have always explained to my sellers that buyers will imprint on the first photos they see of a home and will develop their first positive feelings and attraction to a property at that time” describes Jen Williams, Real Estate Market Manager at Redfin.

But like the name implies, virtual staging is done with a computer. There’s exactly zero real furniture, area rugs, potted plants or other décor involved. Professional virtual stagers digitally insert decorative elements in high-resolution photos to show empty rooms’ full potential.

What Homes is Virtual Staging Best Suited For?

Virtual staging won’t work for all homes – in many cases, traditional staging is a superior choice. However, it can be a huge benefit if it’s done properly in:

  • Vacant homes
  • Homes with outdated furniture
  • Properties with tenants in them, which leave the homeowner little control over the space’s appearance

If you still occupy your home and you can stage it to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers, whole-house virtual staging isn’t for you. (You can still virtually stage some rooms if you and your agent think it’s appropriate, though.)

Virtual Staging vs. Traditional Staging

Virtual staging is usually a lot cheaper than traditional staging is. Here’s a quick glimpse at what you’re looking at:

  • Virtual staging costs somewhere between $39 and $199 per room, depending on the contractor you use, your location and the amount of space you need staged.
  • Traditional staging can cost several hundred dollars per month, depending on the stager you use, how much furniture you need to rent, your location and the number of rooms you need staged.

Price isn’t the only sticking point, though. Each method has its own pros and cons that you’ll have to consider, particularly if you’re trying to sell an empty house.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Staging

Virtual staging can help sell a home faster and for more money – but only if it’s done right. You still need to hire a professional who knows how to take good photos for virtual staging, and you need to work with a reputable company with a great portfolio of completed work.

Check out these side-by-side lists of the pros and cons of virtual staging to help you make the right choice:

Pros of Virtual Staging 

  • Can help you showcase an empty home’s best features
  • Is cost-effective when compared to traditional staging
  • Attracts prospective buyers’ attention online
  • Offers you the opportunity to stage any number of rooms
  • Allows you to stage flex rooms in multiple ways

Cons of Virtual Staging

  • Becomes more expensive when you need to remove furniture or items from photos
  • Can be difficult to use when the house is occupied, unless you have previous listing photos
  • Furniture and décor only exist in the virtual space – buyers will never see it in person
  • Pros and Cons of Traditional Staging

Traditional staging, which successful real estate agents have been using for decades, doesn’t always require a professional stager. However, it does require an eye for detail and the ability to create a space that appeals to the widest possible range of buyers.

Check out these side-by-side lists of the pros and cons of traditional staging to help you decide whether it’s a better choice for selling your home:

Pros of Traditional Staging

  • Gives buyers real-life perspective when they tour the home
  • Prevents buyers from having to tour a completely empty, vacant home
  • Appeals to buyers’ sense of imagination
  • Makes spaces appear larger and enables prospective buyers to gauge size
  • Helps your home stand out in buyers’ memories after they leave


Cons of Traditional Staging

  • Can be expensive, and you’ll keep incurring costs until the home sells
  • Requires stagers to bring in furnishings, décor and other items
  • May be unnecessary, depending on how quickly homes are selling in your market

Common Virtual Staging Mistakes

The biggest mistake a seller can make is hiring a virtual staging company that’s not good enough. Virtually staged photos should be exceptionally realistic – so real, in fact, that buyers won’t know they’re computer-generated unless someone tells them.

Other mistakes many people make with virtual staging is:

  • Failing to provide prospective buyers with photos of empty rooms as well as staged rooms. Buyers may expect the home to look the same as it does in its listing photos, so provide both.
  • Choosing virtual staging that makes the home look worse, not better. You have to be careful not to overdo furniture and decorative elements in staged photos.
  • Using virtual staging when it’s unnecessary. Replacing furnishings and decorative elements in photos when they’re perfectly fine to begin with can be a significant waste of time (and money).

Could Virtual Staging Help You Sell Your Home?

Virtual staging can be a tremendous asset when you’re selling a vacant home, or one that has wild-card tenants or outdated décor. It allows prospective buyers to view the right vision of the home – not an empty, cavernous space, but one that’s comfortable and easy to live in.

Have you used virtual staging to sell a home? We’d love to hear your story and how it worked out for you, so please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Commercial real estate photography in Las Vegas.

Preparation for Real Estate Photos Adds Value to Home

Preparation Puts the Buyer in the Home

Real estate photography is all about the preparation and this Henderson home was just waiting to be photographed. The home had been freshly painted and had new carpet installed. These preparations make the home come alive in the photos. Having neutral colors throughout the home helps accentuate the other features such as woodwork and tiling. Neutralizing the tones of the home will stimulate buyers and help them visualize their own tastes being incorporated into the home. When a home is put on the market with the bold colors of the previous home owner still lingering this can dissuade potential buyers. Most people have their preferential color palettes and can be turned off by overbearing schemes.

Make Those Features Pop!

To appeal to a wider audience, it is highly recommended to neutralize the home before it goes to market. Looking at the photos throughout this home it is easy to notice features such as the entryway rotunda, the private patio off of the formal living room, and the sideboard adjacent to the dining room. Venturing into the main living area, the rich mahogany woodwork in the family room jumps out and boasts of elegance! Your eye will also now catch the garden like landscape of the backyard and as you make your way to the breakfast nook you’ll see the beautiful stonework of the outdoor kitchen and the sparkling pool beyond. The neutral tone of the fresh paint also makes the mahogany cabinets and granite counter tops of the kitchen pop out. The added shine of the brushed stainless-steel appliances will entice any buyer to roll up their sleeves and start preparing that dream holiday meal. Amazingly, these features owe their brilliance to the neutral tones within the walls and floors.

Make An Impression

Imagine this home with bold colors that would look great against a well thought out décor scheme. However, when the home is vacated and put on the market, those bold colors overwhelm the important features of the home. A buyer walking through an unprepared home will only recall the things that stand out the most. Take the extra effort and neutralize your home because you want the buyers to be thinking about those beautiful kitchen cabinets on the way home versus the light robbing deep colored wall in the dining room.
Check out our home preparation guide here.
For more tips on home preparation for real estate photos see what Forbes has to say here.

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Real Estate Photographer in Las Vegas Providing Premium Real Estate Services

I am a real estate photographer and I would like to give a big hello to Las Vegas, Nevada as I plan on entering the Las Vegas market in January 2018. My name is Rick Rowland and I’m very excited to be bringing my 6 plus years of real estate photography and marketing skills to the Las Vegas Valley area. This is a market that is on a strong upward trend and will become very competitive in the years to come. That is where my invaluable skills and presentation packages come into play that make my clients’ real estate listings stand out. Las Vegas offers a wide variety of market niches that I am adept to catering to. Whether it is a multi-million dollar estate in the Summerlin neighborhood, a mid-range single family residence in Henderson, Nevada, or an upscale condo just off of the Strip, I got you covered! My services and expertise will attract buyers and put put you at the top of the list of potential sellers. If you’re a real estate agent in the Las Vegas, Nevada market please keep reading and so I can let you know what I can do for you.
Having clean, crisp eye-popping real estate photography is a must for every real estate listing in this digital age. You see it everyday; the mountain of information that inundates us every day via the internet. When trying to buy a home this information comes at potential buyers tenfold. This is why you have to get their attention and retain it! Professional real estate photos will do this. Having pleasing photos showcasing your listing on Zillow, MLS, Trulia or the many other listing websites will pique a buyer’s interest. What would you rather look at- dull dingy photos taken with an iPhone or bright and clean photos taken by me, a professional real estate photographer? When a buyer sees the more pleasing photos from the thumbnails of the listing they are more apt to open up the real estate listing and take a closer look. I know when I am browsing the internet I look at anything with pleasing photos first and I stay on those ads/websites a lot longer. No matter what I am looking for- a used car, camera repair shop, or a new place to get lunch, I will always spend more time on the websites/ads that have good photos. I bet you do too! When you hire me to photograph your listings you will always get the high quality HDR photos that are bright, clean and sharp. I am a master at post processing my photos and process every single photo myself. This gives you a guaranteed 12 hour* delivery time of your photos. Visit my website for samples of my photos and check out my reasonable rates.
Now that you have the professional photos, is that all you need? If you want to stand out in an already crowded market you have to present your listing in the best possible way. Professional real estate photos are just the first step. If you really want to show your clients and potential clients that you are serious about selling their homes consider a 3D virtual tour powered by Matterport. 3D virtual tours are here and they are the future of real estate marketing. I useMatterport’s latest camera, the Pro2 model, to give my 3D virtual tours HDR quality. A 3D virtual tour can give your buyers a unique and immersive experience. 3D virtual tours can cast a global net to seek out potential buyers. Las Vegas is an international city and appealing to an international audience will give you the advantage when selling your services to potential clients. I can provide many enhancements to these tours to insert your branding and let you present these tours the way you want them to be presented. See my 3D virtual tour page for samples of my work and view my pricing for my more than reasonable rates on this cutting edge technology.
My extensive background in real estate marketing can give you the complete package when presenting your real estate listings. I offer custom designed real estate flyers and brochures to hand out on those crucial open house days. Having quality flyers or brochures will put you heads and shoulders above the competition when potential sellers are making their choice as to whom will represent their home. I can also provide you with fully responsive and beautiful single property websites. These real estate listing websites can be your point of reference on the internet. Referring your buyers to an exclusive website that only shows one listing will not only retain their attention, but will present them with the information you want them to see. A single property website link is far better than sending an MLS link to potential buyers. They will see your listing and only your listing. Starting at $75 it won’t be hard to pass on this sales inducing product! See my single property website page for samples of the real estate listing websites I offer.
In addition to the services I mentioned above I also offer twilight photos, 360 degree panoramas, floor plans, and much more to take your real estate listings to the next level. I have over 10 years experience in marketing and 6 years of experience working in the extremely competitive real estate market in Silicon Valley. I bring to you a wide range of skills, expertise, and professionalism. Contact me today and let’s make your listings soar!