Choosing a Real Estate Photographer in Las Vegas

Choosing a real estate photographer for your listing photos in Las Vegas is a very important decision. Your presentation is everything in this highly competitive market. Sellers know their property is going to sell and they want top dollar. Many sellers will check out current listings in their immediate neighborhood to gage pricing of nearby homes. Sellers are a lot like buyers and are more likely to browse listings with great photos. Above all, a listing that has beautiful listing photos will attract both buyers and sellers. This is very important to your business as both will be looking over your presentation.

Why Should I Care About the Quality of My Real Estate Listing Photos?

Hiring any photographer will be a step up from taking the photos yourself. However, to make your listings really standout you need to hire a seasoned professional real estate photographer. The photos below are an example of what a true professional real estate photographer can do for your listing vs. the big tour companies who use entry level photographers and outsource their photo processing. You can see a big difference between the sets of photos taken in the same room at the same angle.


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Rick Rowland of RCRdigital took the photos on the right. The “Other Guys” took the photos on the left. You can clearly see the difference between having a craftsman take your listing photos versus having a large multi-city virtual tour company. This is what sellers and buyers will notice in your real estate listings— that you pay attention to the details.

The Difference Between “The Big Guys” and RCRdigital

Choosing a real estate photographer is the most important decision of how you present your listing to the public. The big guys are more interested in volume and produce subpar photos because they don’t want to hire and pay the rate professional real estate photographers would charge. Instead, they pay their “photographers” a nominal fee to set their cameras to one size fits all settings and send them into your client’s house to push the shutter button. The big real estate photo companies send your real estate listing photos to processing farms in India or Asia.Dozens of photo processors edit the photos with one-size-fits-all presets. You worked hard to get the listing. Is this how you want it to be treated? Just another listing out of hundreds of listings processed that day.

Real estate photography is an art and RCRdigital understands that. We have worked in real estate offices and understand the effort you, the real estate agent, put in to get that listing. Our photographer, Rick Rowland, is a seasoned professional and will photograph your home manually, adjusting for variances in light in every room. Each home, each room, and every exterior photographed will be photographed accordingly. Rick will also do all processing himself in his home studio where he has the most up-to-date software for photo processing. You will get the real estate listing photos you, your clients, and potential clients deserve.

Choosing a Real Estate Photographer in Las Vegas

Choosing a real estate photographer in Las Vegas is a no brainer. RCRdigital is your go to guys for all your real estate listing needs. RCRdigital offers high quality HDR photography, that is meticulously photographed and processed, ultra-cool 3D virtual tours by Matterport, stunning aerial drone photography, responsive single property websites, and more. Check out our prices and see why we are the most competitive in town. Reserve your shoot today.

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