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5 Reasons to Choose RCRdigital for Commercial Real Estate Photography

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  5. 10+ years experience
Commercial Real Estate Photography in Las Vegas

Commercial Drone Real Estate Photography for Las Vegas Professionals

Rick is a licensed drone photographer

Drone real estate photography is essential for commercial listings. Rick is a seasoned aerial photographer and has done drone photography on 100’s of commercial properties. Aerial real estate photography will take your listings to new heights. Here’s a list of 9 features you can showcase in commercial real estate listings using photography from a drone:

  1. Property Footprint
  2. Accessibility to traffic arteries and freeways
  3. Parking lot size and driveways
  4. Loading dock capabilities and capacities
  5. Neighboring businesses
  6. Proximity to residential neighborhoods
  7. Property exposure to traffic
  8. Nearby shopping centers
  9. Municipal services such as fire and police protection

Show your commercial real estate listing from above by scheduling a drone shoot today!

Matterport 3D Tours for Commercial Real Estate

Let RCRdigital provide you with Matterport 3D tours for your commercial real estate listings. Matterport has long been the industry standard when it comes to 3D virtual tours. RCRdigital uses Matterport Pro2 cameras that will produce high quality tours in HDR. Rick has been working with Matterport cameras for 6+ years and has scanned millions of square feet.

Your tour will showcase important features such as, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, networking closets/rooms, power supplies, rollup doors, dock plates, and much more.

Here are 5 reasons why a Matterport 3D tour will boost your commercial real estate listing:

Using Matterport 3D tours in commercial real estate for virtual showings will save you time and money. By viewing the 3D tour, prospects will know if the space is right for them or not. This will decrease foot traffic in the space and increase your bottom line. A 3D tour by Matterport will be your assurance that you won’t have to provide access to your property every time someone makes in inquiry. If the commercial space is already occupied, this will be a huge relief to the occupants. It saves them from disruptions and makes the listing process much smoother. The prospective buyers will appreciate it and this will please your sellers as well. Both sides of the deal will be grateful that their time and money wasn’t wasted in previewing the property unnecessarily. This will translate to more business for you.

Property owners will respond to CRE agents that have Matterport 3D tours in their portfolios. The commercial real estate market is moving into an era of digitization. More property owners expect CRE agents and managers to use every tool available to showcase their properties. RCRdigital is primed to fill those gaps. We use Matterport Pro2 cameras that will produce the 3D tours that gives you, the CRE agent, all the tools to meet these expectations.

Matterport 3D tours will allow you to reach prospective buyers and tenants outside of your home market. Virtual tours are essential in casting the widest possible net to capture potential sales. Whether it’s a buyer or possible tenant wanting to expand their business into a new market, your 3D tour will help make the sale without a physical walk-through. This will help save you time from coordinating showings and please your potential buyers/tenants. They will save time a money from having to travel to your properties to view them. Sellers will also appreciate less disruptions within their properties as well.

We’re seeing rising inflation, interest rates, and a move to remote working. Does this spell a slow down in commercial real estate for 2022? Not so, says many industry experts. The market is changing, but CRE remains to be an attractive market for investors. Smart CRE agents see this as both an opportunity and more reason to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. No matter the reasons or trends, when markets change they foster uncertainty from property owners. Give your clients assurance that your are 2 steps ahead of the competition by providing them with a technological driven commercial real estate listing that includes a Matterport tour by RCRdigital.

Here’s a recap of what to expect in the commercial real estate market:

10 commercial real estate investing trends for 2022

Matterport 3D tours are no longer for luxury properties and are in demand throughout the commercial real estate market. By partnering with RCRdigital, smart CRE agents and managers will be able to provide their clients with 3D experiences at a reasonable cost. RCRdigital has created a unique business model that shares the costs of Matterport with their clients. This allows clients to pay wholesale hosting and processing costs and puts them in control of their tours. The cost savings is phenomenal and will allow you to put a 3D tour on every property you handle. Contact Rick today for a free and personalized quote.

Matterport 3D tours for commercial real estate listings, by RCRdigital.
3D tours will boost commercial real estate listings.

Commercial Real Estate Photography by Rick of RCRdigital

Commercial Real Estate Photography Services

Las Vegas commercial real estate photographer, Rick Rowland of RCRdigital, has the experience and know-how to provide you with all your commercial real estate photography. Rick is a professional commercial real estate photographer that has 10+ years photographing real estate. Rick can give you high quality HDR photos for your listing that will make your presentations look well polished. Rick can provide for you the best in interior, exterior and drone photography. Your printed brochures and flyers will look clean and professional making a lasting impression on your clients and buyers. Your listing presentations will elevate the value of your properties and win you more business. 

Put Rick to work today for all of your commercial real estate photography. Whether you are a commercial real estate agent, property manager, or real estate developer/investor Rick can provide you with professional HDR commercial real estate photos. His pricing is reasonable and will be custom tailored for each individual property. Rick can put together a custom commercial real estate photography package just for you. Only need a few exterior photos? Rick has you covered! Need the works? Rick can produce stunning aerial photography, exterior, and interior images for your listing. Top it off with a time saving Matterport 3D tour and your listing will reach new heights!

If you’re a commercial real estate professional and want to take your leasing or sale listings to the next level, contact Rick today.

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