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7 Reasons to Use Drone Photography for Your CRE Listings

Drone photography provided by an expert real estate photographer, such as Rick Rowland of RCRdigital, can put your CRE listing on a whole new level. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider using drone photos on your next commercial real estate listing:

  1. Unique perspective: Drones provide an aerial view of the property, allowing potential buyers to see the layout, surroundings, and overall scale from a unique and captivating perspective. It offers a comprehensive view that traditional ground-level photography cannot achieve.
  2. Highlight property features: Drones enable you to showcase the key features and amenities of your commercial property. You can capture expansive parking areas, outdoor spaces, landscaping, proximity to main roads, and other notable selling points that may be difficult to convey through traditional photography.
  3. Context and location: Drone photography provides context by capturing the property’s location in relation to nearby landmarks, highways, or other important points of interest. It helps buyers understand the property’s surroundings and the potential benefits of its location.
  4. Visual storytelling: Aerial footage obtained through drone photography allows you to create visually compelling and engaging marketing materials. It enhances the storytelling aspect of your listing by presenting the property in a dynamic and immersive way, increasing buyer interest.
  5. Increased engagement: Eye-catching drone images and videos tend to attract more attention and engagement compared to standard property photos. Potential buyers are more likely to spend time viewing a listing that includes drone photography, leading to higher levels of interest and inquiries.
  6. Stand out from the competition: Including drone photography in your commercial real estate listings sets your property apart from others in the market. It demonstrates a modern and professional approach to marketing and can help your listing stand out among similar properties.
  7. Virtual tours and 3D mapping: Drones can also be used to create virtual tours and 3D mapping of the property, providing an interactive and immersive experience for potential buyers who can explore the property virtually. This can save time for both buyers and sellers by allowing initial property assessments remotely.

It’s worth noting that drone usage should comply with local regulations and laws governing unmanned aerial vehicles. Hiring a professional drone operator with experience in real estate photography is recommended to ensure high-quality imagery and adherence to legal requirements.

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